WIMBY’s in MUNICH, Germany

Group coordinator:

Ursula Schleibner
An der Wuerm 10
D – 81247 Munich
Germany, Europe

Fon: +49 (089) 811 68 40
Fax: +49 (089) 810 99 589
E-Mail: u.schleibner@t-online.de

Start of our WimBy „Meet your neighbors‘ project

Five kids (Marietta, Dorian, Jasmin, Antonia and Paula) and myself, Ursula (their former teacher) met in Munich on a sunny day in February to find out what animal we would like to observe and get to know better.

We started with “automatic writing” for five minutes, an ‘ice-breaker’ method which helps to get rid of useless thoughts and, hopefully, find your interests and whishes.

I realized I liked to watch myself and the kids to find an animal I would want to get to know better myself organize a movie evening with the children and their parents, with the beautiful movie Jane’s yourney provide refuges, nesting aids for the animals the children chose

The animals the children chose for our observations were:

  • Dorian: the beever
  • Antonia: get to distiguish diffent birds’ songs and learn to imitate them
  • Paula: the squirrel
  • Marietta: has to decide between many interests
  • Jasmin: the bat

We went out to the Wuerm River on that sunny Saturday to have a look at the beever tracks, find out where he and she probably had their home. Dorian and Jasmin already had guesses. We shall find an expert to teach us how to recognize beevers’ homes and how to watch them.

Here we are, and here are the beevers’ tracks.

Years ago, we made a theatre play about the Wuerm river and her local residents. Among them: the beever. (3 fotos)

Ursula Schleibner

Beever´s tracks Beever in the theatre play1

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